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Looking for a nurturing preschool environment
filled with fun and learning for your 3 and 4 year olds?

Our Nursery School has been awarded the best of Severna Park for
preschool 2011, 2012 & 2013 by the US Commerce Association


The Nursery School operates from Labor Day (September)  to Memorial Day (May)

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For information or to schedule a tour please call 410-987-8339

or email NurserySchool@SevernaParkUMC.org.

Our Purpose To provide an enrichment program of love, learning and fun (an extension of the home) for children 3 and 4 years old. Our program is developmental, emphasizing growth in all areas; physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual.
  1. To aid the child in gaining greater command of their body and to guide them to more satisfying relationships with other children and adults.

  2. To extend and deepen their understanding of their social and scientific world.

  3. To develop competence in the skills of listening and speaking

  4. To introduce music, literature, graphic arts and rhythmic expression.

Young children learn through first-hand experiences. The Nursery School curriculum offers wide and varied experiences in art, music, literature, the natural and physical sciences, and community life. It opens the door to new interests and enriches already existing ones. It provides the children with a chance to work and play with others and to practice those skills which make daily living more enjoyable. The Nursery School builds a background of first hand experiences in preparation for future learning.


Within this framework, and under the thoughtful and sympathetic guidance of the teacher, the nursery-age child is allowed to develop trustful relationships with adults other than members of his own family, to develop self discipline and strengthen their inner controls, to increase their independence, to be free is self-expression in the arts, to observe, to investigate, to seek and acquire information and to think critically. In short, the Nursery School should enable the child to face the future with confidence and anticipation because of the multitude of satisfying experiences.

Mrs Thurston photo
Mrs. Lisa Thurston
We have one teacher and one aide for each class of twelve children. Our teachers are professionally trained and are carefully chosen for their interest and experience with young children, as well as CPR and Child Safety Certified. All of our teachers hold bachelor degrees and the appropriate educational courses.
Mrs Corin
  Mrs. Corin
Teacher 4's

Mrs Mayer photo
 Mrs. Mayer
Teacher 4's
Five Day Class
Miss Joanne photo
Miss Joanne
Aide 4's

Miss Mary Beth photo
Miss Mary Beth
Aide 4's

Miss Vickie photo
Miss Vicky
Aide 4's

Mrs Wallace photo
Mrs. Wallace
Teacher 3's & 4'
Mrs Dingess photo
Mrs. Dingess
Teacher 3's
Miss Karen photo
Miss Karen
Aide 3's
Miss Kim photo
Miss Kim
Aide 3's

Miss Sonya
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The Nursery School operates from September to the end of May.  Vacations generally follow those of the public schools.


School For Three Year Olds 

Tuesday, Thursday Morning                                       9:00 - 11:30

Tuesday, Thursday Afternoon                                    12:15 - 2:45


School For Four Year Olds - 3 Days Per Week

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Morning                       8:45 - 11:30

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Afternoon                    12:00 - 2:45

School For Four Year Olds - 5 Days Per Week 

Monday through Friday Morning                                 8:45 - 11:30

Monday through Friday Afternoons                            12:00 - 2:45


We do not offer extended care or day care.  The Nursery School does not provide transportation but encourages parents to form car pools if desired


We welcome all families who are in agreement with the philosophy of the Nursery School. We admit students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

  1. The state requires that all immunizations be current. The necessary forms must be completed by your child's physician and be on file with the school prior to the first day of class.

  2. All children must be toilet trained before they will be accepted in the school.

  3. Children must be 3 or 4 years of age prior to September 1st in order to enter the program.

  4. Any child with dietary restrictions must provide their own snack.


At the time of registration, a non-refundable registration fee and the May tuition are due. The May tuition is refundable, if we are notified in writing by July 1. The registration fee and monthly tuition are shown below:


3 Year Olds (2 days per week) $85 $165 per month
4 Year Olds (3 days per week) $85 $210 per month
4 Year Olds (5 days per week) $85 $360 per month



Please contact Lisa Thurston, Director: Email: NurserySchool@SevernaParkUMC.org, Phone: 410-987-8339


Currently registering for the 2014-2015 school year.  Please contact Lisa Thurston, Director: Email: NurserySchool@SevernaParkUMC.org, Phone: 410-987-8339

Inclement Weather

The church follow the closings and delays of the AA Community College. The Nursery School follows the AA Public School closings and delays.

At times there may be exceptions to these policies. Information about inclement weather openings, delays and closing will be posted on the homepage of this website as soon as it is known.


Mrs Thurston photo   For further information, please contact Lisa Thurston, Director:
Email: NurserySchool@SevernaParkUMC.org
Phone: 410-987-8339
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