What is the Church?

Today at our weekly staff meeting, we discussed several quotes from theologians regarding the nature of the church. I just wanted to post these quotes here for your contemplation. Which quote most speaks to you? Which quote makes you feel most uncomfortable? Are there any quotes that you just simply disagree with? Let us know Read More

God Is Still Speaking,

Yesterday I preached about Peter’s unsettling and transforming vision at Joppa (Acts 10:9-48). This was a turning point for Peter (and the early Christian community) as he came to understand that the life-giving way of Jesus was not just for Jews only, but was also good news intended to include Gentiles, too. This required a Read More

Wilkens Ave. Children’s Backpacks

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop The 8am Service and the United Methodist Women help children on Wilkens Ave. begin the school year. Two weeks ago I received a phone call from Patty Lee who runs Angels of Addiction, a partner ministry on Wilkens Ave. Patty shared with me Read More

VIM Costa Rica Team Arrived Safely

On Saturday morning, August 8, we met for a 6am communion send-off in the SPUMC parking lot (where the team tried, unsuccessfully, to ditch their pastor) and embarked on a long day of travel which landed us at the Costa Rica Mission Projects’ Center in time for a fabulous dinner of authentic tacos that had Read More

50 Years of Music

On Sunday, August 9, we celebrated 50 Years of Music at SPUMC. Among other special moments, one noteworthy component was that we tried to keep the music of this service as close to the same as that first service, held on August 8, 1965, as we could. Here’s the bulletin from that first service. Maybe Read More

You’re Such a Martyr!

In my sermon this past Sunday, I encouraged all of us to consider the ways that we use the word “martyr” in popular parlance. Usually, when we call someone a martyr, we are referring to someone who may come off as a bit melodramatic, willing to perform (some) responsibilities and even act in sacrificial ways Read More

Who Are We?

In the most appropriate combination of band and song name, The Who sings “Who Are You?” Or, if you prefer movies to music… (If you’re a fan of action comedy, go watch Jackie Chan’s “Who Am I?”… it’s glorious.) Read More

Holy Wonderings

On Sunday morning I preached about Luke 2:41-52. If you were in worship you heard me say it’s a story I don’t really know how to process. It doesn’t offer us a quick, easy lesson on grace or justice, and there are no heart-warming verses to memorize or tape to your mirror. Read More

Spirit Nudgings

Do you remember the scene in Bruce Almighty where Bruce (Jim Carrey) is frantically driving down the road as he pleads for God to give him a sign?  A flashing road sign blinks in front of him “caution ahead” and a construction truck packed with signs reading “stop,” “yield” and “road closed” cuts Bruce off. Read More
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