Christian Education

Fall 2017 Study Classes

* Indicates a Long-Term Class or Ongoing Class

Contact Rev. Lee Ferrell for more information or to sign up for a class.


*8:15am, Search the Scriptures: A study of the book of Matthew. Begins September 10. (Bob Wimbrow)

*9:30am, Saints and Sinners: The Strength You Need looks at 12 important scripture passages designed to give participants the strength they need for daily living. Begins September 10.
(Dick Legare and Nancy Landers)

*11am, 11th Hour Bible Study: A study of the book of Romans. Begins September 10. (Reid Reininger)

4pm: Religion and Science: Pathways to Truth. A study offering a positive alternative way to live in today’s world as scientifically informed believers presented by leading scientists, theologians and philosophers. Begins September 10. (Chip Linehan)


*10am, UMW Learn and Share Circle: A study of Adam Hamilton’s Making Sense of the Bible with deep and lively discussion. (Cindy Rafferty) Meets every other week.

7pm: A study of Adam Hamilton’s Revival and key events in the life of John Wesley, showing how these provide lessons for our own spiritual journey and covering the most important convictions, qualities, and essential practices of early Methodists. The goal is not just to teach history but help us find revival in our own hearts and lives. Begins September 11. (Rev. Lee Ferrell)


7pm: An 8-week in-depth study of the book of Luke with emphasis on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus – his birth, teachings, parables, miracles, and unique identity as the Christ. Bring your Bibles and prepare to engage in an exciting and interesting study! Begins September 26. (Rev. Byron Brought)

*7pm, Disciple 1: One of the most comprehensive overviews of the themes and books of the Bible. Old Testament begins September 19, New Testament January 9. (Rev. Carissa Surber)


9:30am, Women’s Bible Study: A study of Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind. Begins September 13. (Susan Brunk & Ann Chaffee)

7pm, Illuminating the Bible: A 5-week small group exploring the beauty of the St. John’s Bible, the first Bible commissioned in nearly 500 years. Learn how art can help illuminate both Old and New Testaments. The class complements the Sunday worship fall sermon series. Begins September 13. (Rev. Ron Foster)

*6:30pm, YAG (Young Adult Group): A fellowship & study group for 20s and 30s. Begins September 13. (Rev. Carissa Surber) Meets second and fourth Wednesdays; childcare provided.



*5:30pm, Moms Connect Book Study: A study of Anxious for Nothing that will give readers ways to keep the stress of life from overtaking them. Begins September 21. (Joann Bruneau) Meets first and third Thursdays; childcare provided.

*6:30pm, Moms Connect: A study of Mom Seeks God that looks at essential disciplines for busy moms presented in an open discussion format. Begins September 7. (Erica Benjamin) Meets first and third Thursdays; childcare provided.

*6:30pm, Disciple 3: A study of the connection between memory and identity that examines calls to remember, repent, renew, and commune. Begins September 14. (Richard Ponder)


10am: A study of Adam Hamilton’s Revival. Same description as Monday, 7pm. Begins September 15.

Special Presentation: The Protestant Reformation

Mondays, October 23 & 30, 7pm

As we near the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Rev. Sherrin Marshall will give a two-part presentation that will include a background on the historical situation that brought about the rise of Martin Luther (and other reformers) and how he was thrust into the role of reformer. We will see how the Reformation affected ordinary people in the global church from then to now.


* Indicates a Long-Term Class or Ongoing Class