Christian Education

Groups & Bible Studies for Adults

We have opportunities throughout the week for adults to learn more while on your Christian journey. 

Download the 2018 Fall Bible Studies & Classes brochure. Contact Rev. Lee Ferrell for more information or to sign up for a class.


*8:15am – Search the Scriptures: A study of Ezekiel, followed by Daniel & Revelation. Begins September 9. (Bob Wimbrow)

*9:30am – Saints and Sinners: Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado is a reflection on Philippians 4 that offers ways God helps those dealing with life’s inevitable anxieties. Begins September 9. (Nancy Landers & Dick Legare)

*11am – 11th Hour Bible Study: When Did God Become a Christian by David Kalas looks at our perceptions of God being different between the Old & New Testaments. Begins September 9. (Reid Reininger)


6:30pm – Better Together: A seven-week class for couples that willll cover topics such as personal stress, conflict resolution, finances, navigating change, and more. Strengthen your marriage, no matter how long you’ve been together. $35 fee to cover cost of Prepare and Enrich curriculum. Begins September 17. (Rev. Carissa & Matthew Surber) Childcare provided.


7pm – Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado: A five-week study of Philippians 4, including DVD and discussion, addressing the feelings of anxiety gripping so many of us. Begins September 18. Also being offered on Fridays at 10am. (Rev. Lee Ferrell)

7pm – A Fresh Look at the Bible: An in-depth look at the Bible over six weeks – sacred history, “Word of God,” higher righteousness, different points of view, Scripture as “inspired,” and modern translations. Begins October 23. Also being offered on Wednesdays at 10:30am. (Rev. Byron Brought)

7pm – Faith & Race Book Group: September’s book is Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, a true story about the potential for mercy to redeem us, and a call to fix our broken justice system. Stevenson is the executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative and has devoted his life to challenging bias against the poor and people of color. Copies are available from the church for $12. Other selections will include Raising White Kids, America’s Original Sin, White Awake, Plantation Jesus, and Between the World and Me. Meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday, beginning September 25. (Rev. Ron Foster)

*7pm – Disciple 2: This 24-week study will immerse you in the books of Genesis & Exodus and Luke & Acts. The focus helps readers deepen their understanding of these books, then invites participants to decide how to respond in their lives. Begins September 11. (Dave McKinney)


10:30am – A Fresh Look at the Bible: An in-depth look at the Bible over six weeks. See description for Tuesday, 7pm. Begins October 24. (Rev. Byron Brought)

7pm – Welcoming the Stranger: There are more than 20 million refugees in the world today, men, women and children, forced from their homes by violence and persecution. What was once a humanitarian issue has become a divisive political issue, even in the church. This 7-week study will help us look beyond the headlines into the real experiences of displaced people to determine what a faith-filled response to this ongoing crisis might look like. Begins September 12. (Rev. Ron Foster)

7pm – Women’s Book Study: A discussion group for women designed to explore the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit with the goal of “growing in Christlikeness” by reading two short books about the topic, and conducting a personal inventory to learn about our own Gifts, how to best use them for God’s purposes, and how to cultivate Fruits of the Spirit in our own lives. Meets monthly beginning September 26. (Tina Robinson)


*6:30pm – Moms Connect: A study of Heavenly Minded Mom by Katie Bennett, intentionally looking at how to rise above the daily routine and see a bigger plan and purpose for motherhood. Through short devotions and conversations, moms embrace a simpler life full of God’s promises and love. Begins September 6. (Erica Benjamin) Meets first and third Thursdays; childcare provided.

*6:30pm – YAG (Young Adult Group): Conversations around Inspired by Rachel Held Evans. Begins September 13. (Rev. Carissa Surber) Meets second and fourth Thursdays; childcare provided.


10am – Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado: A five-week study of Philippians 4. See description for Tuesday, 7pm. Begins September 21. (Rev. Lee Ferrell)