Fellowship Clubs


September 18 4-6pm for the Fall Kick-Off Potluck Dinner for all Fellowship Club members, and those still thinking about joining the clubs.
Saturday, December 17th 4-6pm. A joyous Christmas Gathering for all Fellowship Club members.

RSVP Now for our Fellowship Clubs Kick-Off Dinner: This tasty Sunday afternoon gathering in Fellowship Hall celebrates beginning a new year together and will make it easier for members to meet each other and to set up their first small group gathering date/time. Cost: only $3 per person to cover expenses. (See suggested bring-a-dish side dish menu grouped alphabetical by last-name below.) Please sign-up/RSVP for the Kick-Off Dinner online or watch for sign-up table in Fellowship Hall entrance area, so we can prepare plenty of the main dish.

What are SPUMC Fellowship Clubs?
Real fellowship is so much more than just showing up at services. It is experiencing life together. SPUMC Fellowship Club small groups let us get to know each other better in a relaxed environment, and to appreciate our shared gifts and interests, as well as what makes each unique. When people share and break bread together, club members may see new ways they can draw closer to God and new steps they can take with others. Let’s face it, the tasty meals are also a welcome attraction.

At SPUMC, Fellowship Club members sign up each fall for the coming year, and are assigned to groups of 7 or 8 adults who monthly (or so) take turns hosting either at home, a favorite restaurant or maybe a picnic spot. Make it fun and stress-free – choose whatever format suits your group. Foodies may even want to try the cooking class format — prepare new dishes together and then eat your masterpieces. Young or just young at heart, singles or couples — all are welcome!

If possible, new and renewing Club members should sign up for Fellowship Clubs not later than Monday, September 12th by emailing or calling to Rev. Brought (bbrought@severnaparkumc.com). Include your name(s), phone number, and preference for Evening, Sunday Brunch or Young Family Clubs.

We’ll form small groups (mixing established and newer members) and will announce the Clubs groupings at the Kick-Off Dinner. For more information about the Kick-Off or about Fellowship Clubs, feel free to call Dixie or Charlie Catlett at 202-270-7632, or email to dixiecatdc@gmail.com.

For the Kick-Off Gathering on Sept. 18th, we will supply the entree, plates, tableware, and drinks. Bring-a-dish pot luck suggestions (alphabetically, by last name):
A – G Appetizers
H – K Potato/Rice/Pasta dishes
L – M Vegetables
N – R Desserts
S – Z Salads