Fellowship Clubs


September 17 from 4-6pm for the Fall Kick-Off Potluck Dinner for all Fellowship Club members, and those still thinking about joining the clubs.

RSVP Now for our Fellowship Clubs Kick-Off Dinner: This tasty Sunday afternoon gathering in Fellowship Hall celebrates beginning a new year together and will make it easier for members to meet each other and to set up their first small group gathering date/time. Cost: only $3 per person to cover expenses. (See suggested bring-a-dish side dish menu grouped alphabetical by last-name below.) Please sign-up/RSVP for the Kick-Off Dinner online or watch for sign-up table in Fellowship Hall entrance area, so we can prepare plenty of the main dish.

Are We Pleasant Strangers or Christian Community?

Through the “This is Us” series of sermons and surveys, our pastors explored just who we in the Severna Park UMC congregation are, where we come from, what we love to do.  Similarly exploring who we are, the Fellowship Clubs are small mixed gatherings of 6 or 8 adults (singles and couples) who grow to appreciate each other’s commonalities and differences by sharing brunch or dinner and conversation 4 to 6 times each year, either in restaurants or in each other’s homes.  This year, we’ll also introduce some starter questions for each meal (rather like the surveys).

You might be wondering, “Is Fellowship Club for people like me?”  Our suggestion: Come to the Kickoff dinner and find out, then decide. One thing you’ll learn is that the group is diverse. The Bible shows us that breaking bread together has special significance, especially among Christians who speak about “Radical Hospitality,” which seeks to welcome and treat others as we believe Christ would. Like the early Christians, who came from different walks of life but shared a passion for Christ’s message that strengthened their faith communities, sharing these meals and conversations together over time offers us a chance to deepen relationships, strengthening our SPUMC community.  Join the Fellowship Clubs, or help to form new small groups … share your God-given light and, by doing so, help your small group and our congregation to better love, serve and follow.

Please put the Fellowship Clubs Kickoff bring-a-dish September 17 at 4pm on your calendar.  Kickoff is a time to meet your small group at the church. Childcare and children’s activities can be arranged – just ask. We also celebrate Christmas together in December and plan a fun Spring picnic with all the small groups and families.

Step out in faith – sign up in Fellowship Hall by September 10 or email to Dixie Catlett. Even if you can’t make it on September 17, we hope you’ll sign up to join in with Fellowship Clubs this year and let us get to know you better.