Author: Ron Foster

Accidental Saints

On All Saints Sunday just a few days ago, as we celebrated the lives of loved ones we had lost in the past year, I preached about “Accidental Saints,” people who let the light of God show through their imperfect lives. The point I was trying to make is that while we ought to be

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Fabulous Five-0 Weekend: We Didn’t Start This Fire!

We had a rich and full weekend of celebration at SPUMC with former clergy, charter members, and lots of special guests making their way back to our church for a gala dinner on Saturday night and for a day of worship, feasting & frolicking fun (I might add that people demonstrated  way too much energy

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Love from the Center

This past Sunday, the Costa Rica VIM team shared their witness in church about their recent trip to Costa Rica Mission Projects. We had an amazing time serving at the Mission Center itself which will become a launching pad/host facility for other US volunteer teams as they work with churches and communities throughout southern Costa

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God Is Still Speaking,

Yesterday I preached about Peter’s unsettling and transforming vision at Joppa (Acts 10:9-48). This was a turning point for Peter (and the early Christian community) as he came to understand that the life-giving way of Jesus was not just for Jews only, but was also good news intended to include Gentiles, too. This required a

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You’re Such a Martyr!

In my sermon this past Sunday, I encouraged all of us to consider the ways that we use the word “martyr” in popular parlance. Usually, when we call someone a martyr, we are referring to someone who may come off as a bit melodramatic, willing to perform (some) responsibilities and even act in sacrificial ways

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