Sunday School- May 24

Music with Rev. Lee: Pick Up Your Songbooks on the Porch of the Church (If someone would like to help us make new song books, please let Erica know.)

Babies & Toddler Lesson


Preschool & Elementary Lesson

Week 2

God Created the Whole World

Genesis 1:1-25

Which of these planets can you name? What are some facts you know about the other planets? Which of these other planets would you be able to live on?
Earth is the planet in the solar system that God designed for us to live on.
Did you know that if we were just a tiny bit closer to the sun, it would be too hot for us? Did you know if we were just the tiniest bit farther away, we would freeze? Earth has just the right amount of oxygen we need to breathe.
The Earth fits into our solar system perfectly!

Middle & High School Lesson

Online High School Sunday School 11:00am Sundays. Join Zoom Meeting– Meeting ID: 998 370 979 – Email Michelle Koul if you are having trouble.