Sponsoring Children & the Aging

In 2004, Bob and Katherine Geissler met Bob Hentzen, a Guatemalan missionary working out of Kansas City. He had a vision of a ministry that connected American families with the youngest and oldest members of communities in developing nations around the world. Out of this vision, the “Christian Foundation for Children and Aging” was born – allowing us in Severna Park to sponsor and form relationships with children and older adults around the world. This vision captured the hearts of many in our church, who have sponsored children and older adults, corresponded with them, and even visited them in Guatemala. Today, CFCA is known as “Unbound,” as it expands its reach to serve even more families. The Geisslers serve as Unbound Advocates in our church and would love to help you connect to a new brother or sister in Guatemala or elsewhere in the world.

Unbound believes that amazing things happen when one person reaches out to another. For years SPUMC has been involved with this important ministry which helps connect people for the purpose of changing lives. Unbound offers opportunities to sponsor children, young adults and elders living in poverty in over 20 countries around the world. SPUMC has over 80 active sponsorships connected to folks in the church. Many of our sponsors support children and elders in Guatemala. Groups from SPUMC have traveled to Guatemala several times to strengthen the relationships with individuals who are being sponsored.

All over the world, families living in poverty are struggling to survive against tremendous odds. But there is hope. The Hope for a Family sponsorship program provides the support and opportunities these heroic families need to improve their life situations and provide a better future for their children. SPUMC, together with Unbound (formerly CFCA) can help you gain a greater awareness and understanding of the realities of the poor and the unique gifts they have to share. Through letters from your new friend, you will learn about their family, country and culture.

If you are interested in learning more or if you’re ready to make a difference in the life of someone in need contact Bob Geissler.