Top 5 @ SPUMC

We are thrilled to announce that beginning this Sunday, May 9th, we will begin Indoor Worship in the Sanctuary during our 10:30am Livestream Service which airs on Facebook and YouTube. We will wear masks, spread out and participate fully in this service (minus the congregational singing). Please be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can safely seat everybody and begin the Livestream as on time as possible at 10:30am. We have all been eagerly waiting for this day and cannot wait to be back together! Online Sunday School still begins at 10:00am. Register for 10:30am INDOOR In-Person Worship.

We will also continue to offer our 9am Outdoor ServiceĀ through the end of May and possibly beyond. At this service, we will remain masked and socially distanced in clusters of pre-set chairs so that we can sing sing together. There is now a “Sunday School” option for young children on the playground during the service, as well. You’ll need to register online for both of those services and there is a capacity limit of 100 people for each service. As demand builds, we will be adding other worship options. Register for 9am OUTDOOR In-Person Worship.

We had our largest group of worshipers yet (over 100 people) at our 9am outdoor service this past Sunday and what a beautiful morning we had together! The kids got to joyfully run around on the playground while the grown-ups enjoyed the trumpet playing of Paul Deafenbaugh and musical leadership of the Fords (Paul, Jennifer and David) along with Nicola and Chris. In week 3 of our Won’t You Be My Neighbor? series, Rev. Ron preached about the multiple layers of chain-breaking that take place in the story of Paul & Silas singing and praying in prison. Their chains fell off because of an earthquake but that was only after they had helped free a divining slave girl from her chains (which is what got them thrown in prison in the first place) and before they helped the jailer break his chains, too, and become part of the growing Jesus movement. Rev. Ron pointed out that more miraculous than the earthquake itself was the fact that the apostles were putting into action Jesus’s call to love our enemies and drew on the examples of Nelson Mandela and the Straight Story to encourage us to do our own “hard swallow of our pride” and hop on our lawnmowers to bridge the gap with our “enemies,” too. Inside at our Livestream service, Tracy Emmersen, Ian Dayton, Mike Heverly, Chris and Nicola provided us with some great music to accent our morning theme. Thanks to them and the tech team!

A new short-term class on World Religions will start this week on May 6 and run for six weeks taught by Adam Shephard. Want to learn more about Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism? This is a great chance to take a deeper look at the faiths of our neighbors. The introductory session on May 6 is really important to laying the the groundwork for subsequent classes. Adam teaches a more extended version of this course at Archbishop Spalding High School. Classes will be Thursdays at 7pm on Zoom. To register online click here.

We are excited to be able to offer a more scaled-down but in-person Vacation Bible School the week of August 2-6, 9-11:30am. Priority Church Member Registration has just begun as of May 3, at 10am. Community Registration begins on May 10. We still need 2 game leaders and 1 science leader. Contact Erica to volunteer or for VBS Wishlist information.

Our church participates in a non-competitive church softball league on Sunday afternoons mid-May through mid-August. This is a fun co-ed league and we will take willing participants at all kinds of skill levels though a few experienced ringers wouldn’t be bad, either! Email Lori Sexton if you are interested in participating or would like more information.