First Bible Resources for Families

For Grown Ups

Blessings, Prayers & Devotionals

How to Bless Your Child: Blessing your Child with 5 Elements

Bless Your Child Everyday by Brian Haynes

31 Ways to Prayer for Your Children

Video Devotionals: Short Evening Devotional Videos

About the Bible

Beyond Noah’s Ark: How to read challenging Bible stories with your kids

The Bible Uncensored: How and when to read rated-R Bible stories with your kids

Bible Project: Videos about each book of the Bible and Biblical themes

Bible Binge: Podcasts about the Bible and Biblical Topics (These are the personal opinions with a pop culture twist of a few people you can agree or disagree with their interpretations.)

Guides for Reading the Bible

How to Help your Child Read the Bible: Creating the Habit of Reading the Bible Regularly

Reading Plan Checklists: Download and Print Your Own

Faith Development

Faith Development Through the Ages: Chart showing faith, physical, emotional, personal development from birth through old age

Mental & Physical Changes at Every Phase: Blog about all phases of childhood, parent phase guides (books you can buy) are awesome

Self Care

Guide for Self Care for Families: To Purchase

Greater Good Self Care for Parents and Families: These are science based practices for a meaningful life. Many of these practices are also faith based practices (give thanks, ask for forgiveness, find purpose, be honest, etc.)

Kids Corner

Before School Guided Meditation Video

Bible Jeopardy

Bible Story Coloring Pages by Illustrated Ministries (Need Grown Up to Buy)

Back to School Devotional (Need Grown Up to Buy)