First Bible Resources for Families

For Grown Ups


How to Bless Your Child: Blessing your Child with 5 Elements

Bless Your Child Everyday by Brian Haynes

About the Bible

Beyond Noah’s Ark: How to read challenging Bible stories with your kids

The Bible Uncensored: How and when to read rated-R Bible stories with your kids

Bible Project: Videos about each book of the Bible and Biblical themes

Bible Binge: Podcasts about the Bible and Biblical Topics (These are the personal opinions with a pop culture twist of a few people you can agree or disagree with their interpretations.)

Meredith Ann Miller: a pastor and parent who helps grownups, and the kids they love, engage with the Bible and faith in ways that are life-giving, fun, and a fit for their real lives.

Guides for Reading the Bible

Bible Reading Plan Generator

How to Help your Child Read the Bible: Creating the Habit of Reading the Bible Regularly

Reading Plan Checklists: Download and Print Your Own


Guide for Self Care for Families: To Purchase

Greater Good Self Care for Parents and Families: These are science based practices for a meaningful life. Many of these practices are also faith based practices (give thanks, ask for forgiveness, find purpose, be honest, etc.)

Parenting Resources: Blog about all phases of childhood, parent phase guides (books you can buy) are awesome

Kids Corner