Young Adults at SPUMC

Let’s face it: not every church feels like home when you’re in your 20s and 30s. But here at SPUMC, our congregation includes all types of young adults: married, single, dating, with and without children, just graduating and well into our careers. No matter which worship service you attend, you will see young adults worshiping and leading, looking for connection and depth of faith.

While all adults are welcome to participate in our church’s many classes and fellowship opportunities, SPUMC’s Young Adult Ministries is a place for you to find a home within your home church.

We believe that our faith journeys are enriched by walking with others, and that we can follow Jesus more deeply when we follow together. That’s why we are excited that in April 2019, we launched a new network of small groups for young adults.

Every group has a unique identity and purpose, but all of these small groups have the same essential components: (1) meaningful discussions about faith, (2) fun activities & caring fellowship, and (3) serving together in, through, and beyond the church. These groups seek to be authentic, Christ-centered, transformative, and Spirit-led, even as we build deep friendships. Groups tend to have 6-8 members, and meet in members’ homes every 2-3 weeks. Timing and childcare arrangements are all up to the group, so don’t count yourself out if you can’t make it to an evening Bible study.

It is our hope that by investing time in a small group, you will discover a safe space to be fully yourself, and fully who God created you to be.

If you are interested in learning more about young adult ministries at SPUMC, contact Rev. Narae. She would love to get coffee with you and help you connect with a new or existing small group!