Christian Education

Groups & Bible Studies for Adults

Throughout the week, we have opportunities for adults to learn more about the Bible and following Jesus. 

Contact Rev. Lee Ferrell for more information or use the links below to sign up for a class.

RE/Lent Studies

We’re providing several classes during Lent to help you explore and deepen your faith.

In Jesus in the Wild you’ll take a forty-day journey into the heart of one of the most unusual, and often most misunderstood, stories in the Gospel accounts. In this encounter, following his baptism in the Jordan and before the inauguration of his ministry, Jesus is alone with the adversary—the one whose works he had come to destroy (1 John 3:8). He faces three tests, or “temptations”—all aimed at unseating him from his identity, his belovedness, and his purpose as the Son of God.

Understanding how Jesus faced down the accuser in the wild, we will be equipped to address every challenge that comes our way in the wild places in our own lives.

Rev. Narae will lead this study in-person on Monday nights at 7pm beginning 2/27.
Rev. Lee will lead this study in hybrid format (in-person and Zoom) on Friday mornings at 10am beginning 3/3.

In this fun, fascinating, and interactive study, we will see clips from contemporary films and talk about spiritual themes like grace, forgiveness, and redemption.

Rev. Ron will lead this study in-person on Wednesday nights at 7pm beginning 3/1.

We live in a world that demands relentless perfection. Happy marriages and easy friendships. Bucket-list-level adventures and matching family photos. But what if your actual life doesn’t feel very #blessed? Might our regular lives be worthy of a blessing too? Even an average Tuesday?

Formatted like a prayer book, The Lives We Actually Have is an oasis and a landing spot for weary souls, with blessings that focus on the full range of human moments: garbage days, lovely days, grief-stricken days, and even (especially) completely ordinary days. Let’s have a reminder that we don’t have to wait for a perfect life when we can bless the lives we actually have.

The Women’s Bible Study Group will read this book together and discuss via Zoom on Monday nights at 8:15pm (you know, after the kids go to bed) beginning 2/27.

For more RE/Lent opportunities, please visit our Lent page.