Christian Education

Groups & Bible Studies for Adults

Throughout the week, we have opportunities for adults to learn more about the Bible and following Jesus. 

Contact Rev. Lee Ferrell for more information or to sign up for a class.


*8:15am – Search the Scriptures: In-depth study of Ezra and Nehemiah. Begins September 9. (Bob Wimbrow)

*9:30am – Saints and Sinners: Heaven by Randy Alcorn. We all have questions about what heaven will be like. In this comprehensive book, the author shows heaven the way scripture describes it: bright, vibrant, brimming with Christ’s presence, and able to change how we live today. Begins September 9. (Nancy Landers & Dick Legare)

*11am – 11th Hour Bible Study: In-depth study of I and II Peter. Begins September 9. (Reid Reininger)


9:30am – Women’s Bible Study: A discussion and Bible-based study for women of all ages; great fellowship and sharing. Fall study to be announced soon. Child care provided. Begins September 17. (Brenda Shields)

7pm – Disciple 1 — Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study: A study looking at the entire Bible and its themes, stories, & teachings. Excellent for those who feel they are starting out! Includes reading assignments and commitment to 24 weeks. Possibly the best comprehensive study ever! Begins September 17. (Rev. Lee Ferrell & Dave McKinney)

7pm – Voices of Wisdom: 6-week in depth study of Wisdom Literature—Proverbs, Job, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes. Begins October 22. (Rev. Byron Brought)


7pm – In the Name of Love — a U2 Bible Study: The music of U2 is rich with biblical themes and references. Come be part of this 4-week study where the Scripture will converse with the lyrics of U2 songs, including deep listening to the music of U2 and the witness of Scripture. You may be surprised by what you find! Begins September 18. (Rev. Ron Foster)

7pm – “WHY?” by Adam Hamilton: Fresh insight into the age-old question of how to understand the will of God, looking at the often-asked “If God is so powerful and loving, how can he allow tragedy and suffering for his creation?” Examines core ideas for comprehending God’s plan for the world. 6 weeks, begins October 23. (Chip Linehan, teacher)


*6:30pm – Moms Connect: A study of Heavenly Minded Mom by Katie Bennett, intentionally looking at how to rise above the daily routine and see a bigger plan and purpose for motherhood. Through short devotions and conversations, moms embrace a simpler life full of God’s promises and love. Begins September 6. (Erica Benjamin) Meets first and third Thursdays; childcare provided.

*6:30pm – LIFT (Linked In Faith Together): Bring your life stories, the things that are weighing on your heart, the stuff that has you excited about life — really anything! There is no preparation required, just show up. We will have a general topic/theme each meeting but we will let God guide us in our journey together. Let’s learn and grow from one another through a Christ centered spiritual conversations and fellowship in a loving environment. Begins January 24, led by Tracy Emmersen. Meets second and fourth Thursdays; childcare provided.

* indicates an ongoing class