United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF) offers activities and fellowship with Christian influences to the members of our church in grades 7-12 and their friends. At SPUMC, we recognize youth as a vital part of our faith community. We invite our youth to make a strong commitment to Jesus Christ and nurture their growth in Christian discipleship through opportunities for study, fellowship, and service.

UMYF meets every Sunday night at 7pm, usually in the Fellowship Hall.  All youth in grades 7 to 12 are welcomed. 6th graders become familiar with UMYF through the preparatory program Super Sixth.

Baptism: Baptism is a two-fold symbol. With children, the primary symbol is that God loves us before we are able to respond. The parents make the vows, as does the church. The baptized child will join the church later and make his/her own commitment to Christ at that time. When someone receives baptism as a youth or adult, that person takes the vows for him or herself. Baptism again becomes a sign of God’s love reaching us, only this time, we respond for ourselves. We understand God’s love for us while admitting that we are sinners. Water symbolizes that we are “washed” or “cleansed” from our sin.

Confirmation: In Baptism, we recognize God’s claim on our lives.  In Confirmation, students have an opportunity to claim the relationship God freely offers for them.  Confirmation is a class for students seventh grade and up, who are interested in becoming a member of the church.  These classes teach students the important aspects of one’s faith: baptism, Holy Communion, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the history of the Christian church, and the history of the United Methodist Church.

Classes run from early January until Pentecost Sunday every year. Information goes out in a targeted mailing to families of 7th and 8th graders for classes starting in January.  The service of confirmation in 2016 will be May 15. High school students wishing to be confirmed should contact Rev. Lee Ferrell for special classes.

Sunday School: We currently offer Sunday School for youth at 9:30; one class for junior high (grades 6-8) and one for senior high (grades 9-12).  If you’re interested in the creation of a youth Sunday School class during the 11am service, send a request to Rev. Lee.

Youth Bible Studies: The Bible Studies change every year depending on the needs of the participants. Our new Bible Study will begin at the end of September. We are still talking about options for this next study, so check back often.

Appalachia Service Project (ASP): The Appalachia Service Project is a non-profit home repair project with and for the poor of Central Appalachia. It is offered through the United Methodist Church but is open to all denominations. The goal is to give senior high youth an opportunity to put their faith into action while making a significant difference in the lives of Appalachian families. Find out more…

Christmas Greens

The youth group will be selling Christmas greens for their annual fundraiser. We will be selling a variety of live, high quality wreaths, swags, garlands and table centerpieces shipped fresh from the state of Washington. You can order items for yourself or local friends/family to be delivered to the church the week after Thanksgiving. You can also order gift items to be delivered to non-local friends & family in the 48 contiguous US states. 

To order Christmas Greens, head over to

Items shipped to church, pick up in fellowship hall week after Thanksgiving

W3 – 28-inch mixed evergreen wreath – $31

W4 – 22-inch mixed evergreen wreath – $22

W2 – 22-inch noble fir wreath – $21

G3 – 10-foot western cedar garland – $21

S4 – noble fir door swag – $21

R9 – holiday reindeer set – $17

C5 – cedar, noble fir, pine, and berry centerpiece – $17

Items direct shipped to anywhere in continental US (price includes shipping cost)

W3M – 28-inch mixed evergreen wreath – $44

W4M – 22-inch mixed evergreen wreath – $39

N7M – assorted natural pine cones w/ rustic wire basket – $34

G3M – 2 x 10-foot western cedar garland – $48

C5M – cedar, noble fir, pine, and berry centerpiece w/ candle – $36

S4M – noble fir door swag – $39

EGM – evergreen gift set, includes two garlands and a 22-inch evergreen wreath – $75

R3M – holiday reindeer gift set – $27