A Christian Aid Affirmation

The Christian Aid Affirmation that was presented by Rev. Ron Foster on Sunday, July 12.

(This may be read responsively by two groups)

A: We believe that God hopes and works for a world where all shall be included in the feast of life, and that in Christ we see how costly it is to bring that world about.

B: We believe that God’s strategy for a new world is to put the poorest first, and that nothing is more important for God’s people than to bring the poor good news.

A: We believe that rich and poor alike can be generous, wise and creative because all are made in God’s image, and that all are made poorer when they are left out.

B: We confess that we use our strength to protect ourselves and order the world to benefit the rich and not the poor, and that none of us can be trusted with too much power over others.

A: We believe that loving our neighbours means working for justice, so that all can have a say in what happens to them.

B: We believe that God made the good earth to sustain and delight us, and that we are called to take care of it and enjoy it.

A: We believe that the God of all the earth is at work beyond the churches as well as within them, making common cause with all who want the poor to be included.

B: We long for the time when the meek shall inherit the earth and all who hunger and thirst after justice shall be satisfied, and we believe that, despite the persistence of evil, now is always the time when more good can be done and we can make a difference.

What do you think? How can we respond to this in our own lives?