End of Year Financial Update

In 2020, we have had a year of extraordinary generosity through very difficult circumstances brought on by the Covid-19 crisis. Up until September, our monthly giving was pretty much keeping pace with 2019 totals though it had begun to trend downward for the last several months. At the end of October, we find ourselves below our 2019 giving by $33K and sitting with a deficit of $83K. In a normal year, this would not be a cause for alarm or an insurmountable gap as we typically experience our strongest giving of the year in the last two months.

The truth is that we don’t fully know what to expect over the remaining weeks of the year in terms of giving since we will not have the typical in-person surge of attendance for December or Christmas Eve. We are hoping and praying that all of us will do whatever we can to catch up with our giving, make extra gifts if we are able and help us to end the year strong. We still have some untapped PPP money to draw on if we need to but also a lot of uncertainty facing us as we head into 2021. Can we count on you to do your part to help us finish the year on solid financial ground? Many, many thanks. Click here to find a way to give that works best for you.

Looking Ahead to 2021

During the month of November in our #Blessed worship series, we are exploring the power of blessing throughout the scriptures and in our lives. Rev. Ron preached on November 8 about the foundational story of Abraham whose call and mission was to be Blessed to Be a Blessing. Friends, that is the shape of our lives, too. God’s blessing is never intended to stop with us but always to flow through us to others.

As we make plans and build a budget for 2021, we would love your help in the form of an estimate of your giving for next year. You’ll receive a pledge card in the mail in the next week or so and we encourage you to prayerfully consider how you have been blessed and want to pass on blessing to others through your giving to our church. If you prefer, you can download, print and fill out an estimate of giving card or fill out the online form below instead.

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