Call Log Form

Thank you for being part of our Phone Team!

We are asking that you call the 10 households on your list sometime during the week. When you finish reaching those 10 folks, please check back with Beth – we’d love to give you more names to contact next week!

During your phone call, please ask the following questions and record answers generally:

  • How are you/your family doing and feeling?
  • Is there anything you need that we can help with right now?
  • How can we pray for you/your family right now?
  • Would you like to be part of our Phone Team and help with calling people?

If you leave a voicemail, please do not record that message here. Keep trying! Only record the information of people you have spoken to directly.

If they would rather speak with a pastor, have them call one of these numbers:

  • Rev. Ron – 240.672.1321
  • Rev. Carissa – 301.642.9729
  • Rev. Byron – 443.924.4669
  • Rev. Lee – 410.562.9811

Thank you for being part of this community connection! If you have any questions, contact Beth Frank at