Fabulous Five-0 Weekend: We Didn’t Start This Fire!

DSC_2374We had a rich and full weekend of celebration at SPUMC with former clergy, charter members, and lots of special guests making their way back to our church for a gala dinner on Saturday night and for a day of worship, feasting & frolicking fun (I might add that people demonstrated  way too much energy — and aim — in their attempts to dunk the staff!) on Sunday.  As part of my sermon on Sunday, Jon Brewer and I did an SPUMC 50th Anniversary version of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” The full lyrics are here but the chorus goes like this:

We didn’t start this fire
Been fifty years a burning
While the world keeps turning
We didn’t start this fire
Just our job to tend it
Warm the world, let’s mend it

The point I was trying to make is that we are indebted to the people who have come before us and have a sacred obligation to humbly tend this holy fire that was lit many years ago, all the while that the world keeps turning and changing. What’s your take on how well we are doing this today? What do you think we need to focus on as a congregation as we learn from our past, live in the now, and lean into the future together? What would you like to see be our legacy from the next 50 years?

To view some great pictures from the Big Five-O Celebration, visit our Facebook page.