Fall Study Classes

Zoom Gatherings Can Change Your Life (Seriously!)

We’ve all sat through our share of less-than-fully-stimulating online sessions over the last 5 months and in fact, many of us have had to engage in so many Zoom meetings for work and/or to stay in touch with loved ones that Zoom Fatigue is a real thing. Which is precisely why we want you to sign up for some more Zoom meetings 🙂 — only these have the potential to really change your life and deepen your faith.
We have a whole slate of virtual classes this fall that we think will make it worth signing on for! We are offering multiple ways for you to engage with the Bible more fruitfully, enrich your marriages, develop regular spiritual practices, and form authentic relationships with other Christians. Now, more than ever, we need to invest in our spiritual lives both individually and communally if our faith is going to continue to sustain and strengthen us.

The Online Experience

Signing up is so easy! Just click here to jump to the form below and pick which class(es) you want to attend. It will help our teachers with their preparations, and make it easier for them to communicate with you as well.

The signup form is set up to accept the $35 payment for the curriculum for the Better Together class. If you’re not joining that class, simply select the $0 option and you won’t be required to pay.

If you have any questions about the signup process, email Ryan Hennesy, our Communications Director.

Class Listings

Bible 101: Reading the Bible for All It’s Worth!
Wednesdays at 8pm beginning September 16

The Bible is both life-giving and really complex. Consequently, many of us wish we knew more about the “Good Book” so that we’d be able to read it with confidence and tap into its soul-shaping power. But too often, if we’re honest, we feel like we have more questions than answers and sometimes aren’t even sure where to begin. Join Rev. Ron for Bible 101 this fall, a 6-week primer that will focus on reading the Bible faithfully, expectantly and thoughtfully. This is a great class for total beginners (there are no dumb questions) and for those looking for a bit of a refresher on how to read the Bible for all it’s worth! Email Rev. Ron with questions.

Better Together with Rev. Carissa and Matthew
Mondays at 8:30pm beginning September 14

Have you had a little more “together” time with your spouse during quarantine? Do you need a place to recharge, reconnect, and invest in your marriage? All engaged and married couples are invited to join Rev. Carissa and her husband Matthew for an 8-week course that is sure to strengthen your relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together. The class will be tailored to the needs of the participating couples, covering topics such as personal stress, conflict resolution, finances, and navigating change, all through the lens of our faith. Better Together will meet on Mondays at 8:30pm on Zoom from September 14 to November 2, with a fee of $35 covering the cost of workbooks and the use of the “Prepare and Enrich” curriculum. Email Rev. Carissa with questions.

The Gospel of Mark with Rev. Byron
Tuesday nights at 7:30pm beginning September 22

Are you ready for some good news? That’s what the Gospel of Mark is all about: the “good news of Jesus Christ.” Join Rev. Byron for a study of the story of Jesus that you won’t want to miss! Email Rev. Byron with questions.

Soul Reset with Todd Popham
Tuesday nights at 7pm beginning in November

How is it with your soul? Is it time to reset? Junius Dotson had a great life, a successful ministry, and he loved the spotlight. Inside, he was suffering in silence and felt empty. What followed was a medical emergency and the need to change his life. Soul Reset, written by Dotson, is an invitation to live a life of wholeness. These interactive sessions will include scripture, reflection, and the opportunity to redirect your energy toward a life of spiritual joy. We are holding two 6-session classes, with a maximum of 15 participants each: September/October (full) and November/December. Email Todd Popham with questions.

The Six Truths of Motherhood with Erica Benjamin and Moms Connect
Thursday nights at 8:30pm, see dates below

In The Six Truths of Motherhood you will tackle some of the big challenges facing moms today like discipline, resentment, identity, and family values. You can successfully navigate culture, parent your children and still find time for you, and The Six Truths of Motherhood will help you go from surviving to thriving. Moms Connect is open to any mom looking to grow in faith in an encouraging Christian community. New moms are always welcome. Email Erica with questions.

We will gather on Zoom 6 times this fall (Sept 17, Oct 1 & 15, Nov 5 & 19, and Dec 3) at 8:30pm.
Meeting ID: 829 0731 7996
Passcode: Moms

The Will of God with Brenda Shields and the Women’s Bible Study
Monday nights at 8:30pm beginning September 21

This fall, we will begin studying the book The Will of God by Rev. Leslie Weatherhead. This book is a collection of his sermons that were written during the WWII era, when he was trying to help his congregation understand the will of God in all of the pain and suffering that they were seeing around them. Even today, when we struggle with these difficult times, and grieve, we ask similar questions: how can all of this be part of God’s plan? What is God’s will in all of this? We are excited to start this class together and we hope you will join us. Email Brenda with questions.

And More!

The 11th Hour Sunday School class led by Reid Reininger will continue to meet weekly on Sundays at 11:30am, discussing the book of Acts.

The Sacred Worth group led by Rev. Ron is also resuming, meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm. You can read more about this group here and access group meeting times and Zoom links on the Events page.

The Faith & Race group led by Rev. Ron will resume meeting on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7pm. You can read more about this topic on our Faith & Race resource page, and access group meeting times and Zoom links on the Events page.

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