Holy Wonderings

Jesus and the Kids MainOn Sunday morning I preached about Luke 2:41-52. If you were in worship you heard me say it’s a story I don’t really know how to process. It doesn’t offer us a quick, easy lesson on grace or justice, and there are no heart-warming verses to memorize or tape to your mirror.So what are we to do with this story?

As a part of our month long series Jesus and the Kids I’m suggesting that we take a lesson from the kids and try and live into Luke 2 the way a child would. Children approach the scriptures without an agenda. They allow the stories to speak for themselves. They wonder, they imagine, they ask questions….lots of them! What might we learn, what might God reveal, if we did the same?

So here’s the challenge. Read Luke 2:41-52 and sit with it for a bit. Let your imagination wonder. Ask some questions, silly and serious. Put yourself in Mary or Joseph’s shoes and live into the story. Then share with us what you discover! I’m hoping that you’ll add your discoveries to the conversation by joining in and commenting below.

If you need some guiding questions how about these?

1. What are you wondering about as you read Luke 2:41-52?
2. What message do you hear when you listen to this story with an open heart and imagination?

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Nicole

P.S.  Do you really like this idea or do you need some inspiration to get started? Here’s a video of a small group of people doing the same thing with Luke 2. It’s beautiful what’s revealed in the story as they allow themselves to wonder and ask questions.

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  1. As I drove home from church pondering Luke 2, I was distracted by the purpose of turn signals. Odd. Turn signals are simply used to signal a driver’s intent. One might think that this scripture is not so much about the festival, Joseph and Mary losing Jesus, or Jesus disobeying, however, could it have been that God (our driver) was simply signaling his intent of what was to come? Lorraine


  2. As I read and meditated on the scripture in Luke 2:41-52 I took the following two things from the text;
    1. Anyone can get distracted by the busyness of life and this world, and “lose” Jesus in the process.
    2. There is no such thing as a the wrong person, the wrong place or the wrong time to be doing God’s business


  3. I thought about the video and the woman feeling that Jesus was giving them lip when he replied. I don’t take it that way. We are anxious about many things and obviously his parents were anxious about where he was. So even at his young age He is simply saying everything is under control, don’t be anxious. Jesus was showing his childlike trust and just couldn’t understand why his parents weren’t of the same mind.


  4. I thought a lot about this text in many different ways; as mother, as a third party witness, or a even theologian. I decided to start with a more analytical look (with a mother’s eye) and came away with these thoughts and observations;
    1) They were going to an annual event – like a 4th of July party. Excitement, crowds, different things to see and do. Especially — for a 12 yr old boy! So, we have an excited 12 yr old boy — who has probably been told all his life that he is special, coming home with a crowd of people he has traveled with before.
    2) Losing Jesus in a crowd? I’m not surprised. Mary and Joseph had been surrounded by large clans of relatives and friends they had traveled with and lived with for years. Looking around I am sure they saw “their sons” head amongst the crowd. At least, what they thought was his head. For the period, clothing attire and headwear was very similar to one another. (Who hasn’t thought that baseball cap was your son in the crowd.)
    3) It took 3 days to find Jesus!? I pondered on this quite a bit. Though the number 3 does seem to have Biblical significance, my analytical mind wanted to know — so how far is Jerusalem from Nazareth? Well, as the crow flies – it looks to be about 70 miles. Add the mob of people you are traveling with, across sand, hills, terrain — I think a return to Jerusalem within 3 days is pretty remarkable.
    4) They find Jesus in a Temple – engaged both in teaching and learning/listening. Now if I knew my child was “the chosen one” should this really surprise me? Isn’t the lesson here; why, as a parent of this remarkable child, did I doubt? Why didn’t I trust the Lord in the safety of this child? And when Mary returned home.. she was still thinking about these events. Was Mary the Doubting Thomas?
    So what did I finally come away with on this passage from Luke?

    No matter how many times you are reminded of the Lord’s Blessings and miracles, no matter how many times you hear the word of the Lord, you must also have Faith. Even Mary struggled with this all encompassing Faith.
    Aha! Like a light turned on in the darkness, I know the message.
    Come to FAITH, Grow in FAITH, Go out in FAITH!


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