Please read the following instructions carefully.

All items have shipping costs included in their price.

  • The items with an “M” in them (example: W3M – 28-inch Mixed Evergreen Wreath) are items to be directly mailed to people, rather than delivered to SPUMC for pickup. They require a Shipping Address.
  • Items without an “M” (example: W3 – 28-inch Mixed Evergreen Wreath) will be delivered to SPUMC for pickup after Thanksgiving. They do not require a shipping address.
  • If you wish to purchase some items to be mailed and some items to be deliver to SPUMC, or if you wish to have items mailed to multiple locations, please make a separate purchase for each.

To purchase an item, click “Add to Cart” then click “View Cart” and proceed with checkout. To purchase multiple items, click “Add to Cart” for each item type that you would like to purchase, then click “View Cart.” On the Cart page, you can adjust item quantities before checking out.

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin O’Donnell.