Sierra Leone Partnership

Through a partnership with the Sierra Leone Education Fund, SPUMC supports girls’ education and Trinity UMC in rural Moyamba, Sierra Leone.  This community had survived a brutal civil war and more recently, the deadliest Ebola outbreak on record.  Despite the hardships, this vibrant community continues to come together to support girls education and share Christ’s love with their community.  SPUMC has sponsored boarding home repairs such as replacements of windows that included new screens to protect students against mosquitos to minimize the risk of malaria.  Collections have also allowed Trinity UMC to complete much-needed building repairs and purchase a projector to use during services.  In 2018, SPUMC began sponsoring a bright young student to attend secondary school.  Without the support of SPUMC, this student would not have been able to continue her education.  Because of our support, she is not only enrolled in classes but receives meals through the boarding home and has a safe place to sleep at night.