Star Word Stories

Beginning on Epiphany Sunday and throughout the month of January, we have invited worshipers to choose a Star Word on their way in or out of worship. Just as the Magi were led by the star to Jesus and his family, these words are meant to guide our paths, too. We hope by now you’ve had a chance to take one for yourself (if not, they are still available at the Welcome Desk). Put your word in a place where you will see it regularly – on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, near your computer screen, in your Bible or wallet – and use it as a touchstone for prayer and reflection. How might God be guiding you to grow in your spiritual life in 2024 as you journey closer to Jesus?

We’d love to hear how these words are making an impact on your lives. We got our very first Star Word Story that first afternoon and others have been coming in since then as well. If you have a short reflection you’d like to share about how your word has been seeping into your soul and shaping your everyday life, send it to Meg Moore and we’ll keep posting more on this page.


As I stepped into the church sanctuary today, my eyes were drawn to a table strewn with an array of words. During the sermon, the pastor encouraged the congregation to select a “star word,” on our way out—a word meant to serve as a guiding light, much like the star that led the Magi to Jesus. This chosen word was to become a touchstone for prayer, reflection and spiritual growth throughout the year.

Opting to randomly grab a word without looking, I anticipated something that would resonate with me like peace, courage, or health. Instead, I found myself holding onto the word “dance.” Puzzled, I couldn’t help but question why I, someone with two left feet and no dance lessons under my belt, ended up with such a word. Surely, there must have been a mix-up; perhaps, “dance” was intended for someone more graceful. What was God thinking, allowing me to choose “dance”?

On my drive home, the significance of “dance” lingered in my thoughts. Then, in a moment of revelation, it struck me—much like a tap shoe to the head (LOL). As I sat contemplating my word, the Lord whispered to me:
“The Dance of Life.

The Dance of Life is often used as a metaphor for life’s journey. Just as no two journeys are unique, so is their dance, exquisitely orchestrated. While some may share steps, the individual expression contributes to life’s intricate tapestry. Where one person may stumble, another will move through the dance with beautiful fluidity. But change is constant in life, and the one who has fallen is now gracefully back on their feet, and the one who was dancing without flaw is struggling to remember the next move. It mirrors our existence, marked by ups, downs, twists, and turns.

Moreover, dance symbolizes harmony and balance. As a child of God, I seek both in my relationships and personal well-being. Without God as my partner and choreographer, dancing alone I risk losing my footing. As I tape this word to my mirror, I want it to become a constant reminder that though my dance may not always be smooth, I can still dance with joy. I can extend a helping hand to those stumbling in their dance and appreciate and embrace the unique dances of others. Most importantly, I pray this word serves as a reminder that God is my eternal dance partner, lifting me to live a graceful and grace-filled life.

In the grand dance of our existence, I sense the Lord asking not just of me, but of us all—”May I have this dance?”

~~ Sandy Reckert-Reusing


As I viewed the huge pile of “Star Words,” many spoke to me, but the one that jumped into my hand was “light!” For the last 2 weeks, I have viewed the word “light” in many ways and with many definitions and uses in context. The image that I most continued to visualize is the light in the darkness that gives us hope. Light is Hope, whether a spark or a flicker, light brings us hope in the darkness. We might each be a light for another. We don’t always know, but we can have an effect on another to brighten another person’s world. To give hope!

These weeks, I have paid attention to how I might be a light to another. Maybe only a spark or a flicker, but even that might make a difference. Recently, I read a quote from Edith Wharton: “There are two ways of spreading light – to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” My realization was that we catch each other’s light – let’s pass it on.

This is especially important in “light” of hosting the upcoming Winter Relief Shelter. There are so many various ways that we can help and reach out to another. In providing food, meals, transportation, music, clean clothes, a warm shelter, a friendly smile, a welcoming through communication…each is a spark of light and together, a light of hope!

~~ Kay Johnson


When you asked us each to choose a word for the new year I decided my new years word is “assure”. It’s been a somewhat challenging year for me. I have come to realize because I met people who communicate assurance when needed, that I would like to be mindful to be a more assuring person as well as to spend and find more assuring people to spend more time with on a regular basis.

This year, I have noticed and realized the gift people of assurance bring-comfort, strength, trust which lend to a feeling of yes I can. So I am encouraging my kids who are struggling in some areas a bit to be assuring people and to find assuring people in their lives: to build that quality in their relationships. Love, resilience, gratitude, and exploration have been my favorite life ingredients along the way but now I am adding the key ingredient “assure”.

~~Sharon Acosta