Reading the Bible with Head & Heart

Many of us set out in the new year to read the Bible every day or at least more regularly. We want to understand this ancient book that is so important to our faith – and often confusing — but we don’t really know where to start. Well we’re here to help!

Beginning on January 10, Rev. Ron will be offering a 6-week class on Tuesday nights at 7pm for anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible so that you can read and apply it with heart, soul and mind to your daily lives. Under the leadership of Rev. Carissa, the young adults (YAG) will be doing the same study on Wednesday nights from 6;30-7:30pm beginning January 11.

We’ll be using Adam Hamilton’s book Making Sense of the Bible which has been described as a resource that will help you discover a “better way to read, live by, and value the Bible…It’s honest. It’s wise. And it’s so, so needed.” There is video component each week with the author along with a short section of the book that we will discuss including chapters like “What the Bible is Not,” “The Old Testament in 15 Minutes,” “How Does God Speak to and Through Us?” There is also an extended section on making sense of some of the most challenging parts of the Bible (science & creation, suffering, the sayings of Jesus, homosexuality, the view of women, the Book of Revelation). Sign up in Fellowship Hall or online to be part of either group. Copies of the book will be available beginning next Sunday for just $10.

Email Beth Frank to Sign up Here and be sure to indicate which night you are signing up for. Thanks.