VIM Costa Rica Team Arrived Safely

VIM Costa Rica ArrivalOn Saturday morning, August 8, we met for a 6am communion send-off in the SPUMC parking lot (where the team tried, unsuccessfully, to ditch their pastor) and embarked on a long day of travel which landed us at the Costa Rica Mission Projects’ Center in time for a fabulous dinner of authentic tacos that had been prepared for us. We began our study of Romans 12–Love from the Center–and our word for reflection was “offer.”

Sunday morning, we awoke very early to the sounds of birds and the smell of rich coffee, and headed off for worship with the Cocori Methodist Church where we were warmly welcomed. The passionate praying and moving singing drew us in. After a wonderful meal provided by the women of the church, we drove through the mist and rain to the beach (where the sun peaked through here and there) for a few hours where some of us swam in the warm waters of the Pacific. We topped off our day with a time of prayer and conversation about Living in Pure Grace and played our first game of Golf (late night cards). Today the work began at 6am, but more on that later.

-Rev. Ron