Do. Love. Walk. Resources

What does the Lord require of you but to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8)

These convicting words of the prophet Micah will be our anchor and guide in our new worship series, “Do. Love. Walk.” which runs for six weeks. We have stunning new banners that will hang in the Sanctuary thanks to Carol Rice, Nancy Densmore (seamstresses) & Diane McGrath (design assistance) as a visual invitation into this text throughout this series. We’ll spend two Sundays each exploring what it means to seek God’s justice, to extend compassion to our neighbors and to live with a deep and authentic sense of humility. Each week, we’ll offer suggested readings and videos to help us explore this theme more deeply. Here are the follow-up resources and links so far:

A Bible Verse on a Stick

September 9

In an article from The Christian Century, Diane Roth writes about a ministry fair at her church where they decided to put Micah 6:8 (Do justice. Love Kindness. Walk Humbly.) on a popsicle stick. This led to some deeper reflections on the meaning of this verse. Read about it here.

What Is Justice?

September 9

Maddie Clouser is a young woman from our congregation who is currently serving as a missionary with CRU in Australia. Recently she gave a presentation at a conference where she talked about the biblical concept of justice and particularly the need to address the issue of human trafficking. Listen to her talk!

The Bible Project

September 16

The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. They create videos, podcasts, and study guides that explore the Bible’s unified story. Check out their exploration of the biblical theme of justice here.

Deep Waters

September 16

In her sermon, In the Deep Waters, Rev. Carissa told the powerful story of Tim Warner, a United Methodist pastor who runs a basketball camp for children whose parents are incarcerated. Says Warner, reflecting on this work, “When we are part of the body of Christ, God is in the deep waters of our lives with us. And because of God‘s presence with us, we are compelled to be in the deep water of others in the name of Jesus.”

Be Merciful Challenge

September 23

In worship, Rev. Byron issued a challenge for us to practice mercy in our day-to-day lives. Are you willing to take up these daily disciplines to reflect God’s mercy in the world?

Daily Disciplines
Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. (Luke 6:36)

Monday: Lift a special prayer for someone you know in need.

Tuesday: Send a note of encouragement to someone who is struggling.

Wednesday: Skip lunch today and give the money you save to SPAN (Serving People Across Neighborhoods) or to Heaven’s Kitchen.

Thursday: Go out of your way to say “Thank You” to someone who frequently assists you (your pharmacist, grocer, mail carrier, teacher, etc.)

Friday: Set aside a few dollars and the next time you eat out or get carry-out, give a bigger tip to the server.

Saturday: Resolve to sign up tomorrow to help at the Garage Sale on (October 6), Rise Against Hunger (October 14) or Winter Relief (November 5-12).

Just Mercy

September 30

Bryan Stevenson has spent his entire professional life practicing Just Mercy (which is also the name of a book he has authored): seeking to compassionately care for some of the most marginalized and forgotten of God’s children (inmates on death row poorly represented and/or wrongly accused) while advocating for them through the courts. Check out his TED talk to learn more about this remarkable lawyer and his inspiring vision of who we can be at our best.

A Path, A Partner, A Purpose

October 7

In her sermon, Rev. Carissa gave us three key ideas about walking humbly with God, and asked us to consider three questions:

1. A Path: Walking humbly with God means walking God’s path, which always involves loving one another, and always leads to life. Where in your life do you need to return to God’s path?

2. A Partner: Walking humbly with God means walking with a partner: you are never alone. Where do you need to see Jesus walking with you?

3. A Purpose: In order to walk humbly with God, we must keep our eyes on the purpose of Jesus: as disciples, we walk where Jesus walks. Where is Jesus walking today? And how can we do the same?