Ripples of Grace


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A Note from Rev. Ron

As a photographer, I have long been fascinated by ripples in water. They can create such interesting patterns of color and shape and it really doesn’t take much to set them in motion. A stick, a pebble — even a leaf — drops in the water and the ripples spiral outward exponentially, spreading energy and life.  What starts off small has impact far greater than might be first imagined.

Ripple effects are a regular part of our lives, too. A simple kindness begets another; a middle school teacher ignites a passion in a student who goes on to make a significant scientific discovery;  a friend introduces you to a friend who has a sister who one day becomes your wife; a little seed money helps to get a business started and it grows to employ 400 people. Something is set in motion and the ripples flow outward.

This past Fall, we offered a 4 week worship series and season of stewardship awareness called “Ripples of Grace.” We explored our lives in light of the gifts and possibilities God has blessed us with. We talked about ripples of generosity, ripples across generations (on All Saints Sunday, in particular), ripples of influence and abundance that make our lives rich and purposeful. It’s never too late to be part of the Ripples of Grace that are happening in, through and beyond Severna Park UMC!

Rev. Ron