Christmas Bitmoji Classroom

Welcome to our Christmas Bitmoji Classroom. To interact with the classroom click on the picture or link under the picture. In the classroom, click on various items to learn more about advent, Christmas, and more.

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Lectio Divina

How do you read the Bible? If you’ve grown up in the church, like I have, this might strike you as an odd question. After all – don’t you just… open it and start reading? For anyone who knows how to read, it seems like a simple enough activity. And yet the Bible is not

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PPE Testimony from the Front Lines

Over the last couple months, nearly every day on the news we have heard about the critical importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the fact that it is life and death for our healthcare workers on the front lines as they treat Covid-19 patients and how difficult it has been – particularly in the

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Not Alone

Tracy Emmersen (also known as Justin’s mom) has been trying to balance work and parenting amidst the fear and boredom of sheltering in place. She wrote a song that put into words some of her mixed emotions and her deep reservoir of faith. We were blessed to have her share it with us in worship

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Finding Comfort in Mere Christianity

For the last few weeks, as the rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maryland increased, so has my anxiety about the pandemic.  The tactic I chose to counter this was to seek out more information from authoritative sources (like the CDC), the news, and (knowing that I shouldn’t) social media.  The balm from those sources

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Singing Away the Darkness

Last week, Deacon turned 5 months old. As I went to jot down memories of the month for his baby book, I found that I couldn’t separate our memories of him from the unexpected changes we all experienced in the month of March. For the past three and a half weeks, my husband Matthew and

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