Accidental Saints

On All Saints Sunday just a few days ago, as we celebrated the lives of loved ones we had lost in the past year, I preached about “Accidental Saints,” people who let the light of God show through their imperfect lives. The point I was trying to make is that while we ought to be

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Fabulous Five-0 Weekend: We Didn’t Start This Fire!

We had a rich and full weekend of celebration at SPUMC with former clergy, charter members, and lots of special guests making their way back to our church for a gala dinner on Saturday night and for a day of worship, feasting & frolicking fun (I might add that people demonstrated  way too much energy

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God Is Still Speaking,

Yesterday I preached about Peter’s unsettling and transforming vision at Joppa (Acts 10:9-48). This was a turning point for Peter (and the early Christian community) as he came to understand that the life-giving way of Jesus was not just for Jews only, but was also good news intended to include Gentiles, too. This required a

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