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Sunday School

Sunday School is in person each week at 9:15am for babies through 12th grade. Sunday School check in is at the rear doors for 3 year olds-5th grade. Children in the nursery (near the sanctuary) and youth (rooms 302) may check in at their classrooms.

During 10:45 worship, Nursery Care is available for children 5 and under.

This Week in Sunday School (Preschool-5th Grade)

SERIES OVERVIEW: “When I’m older!” “When I’m taller!” Every kid is excited to grow up — even if it’s just to finally ride that big kid roller coaster they’ve had their eye on. This five-week series is about another kid who grew up — Jesus! Through stories from Jesus’ early life and ministry, kids will learn five important truths to help them continue growing: God guides us to safety, we can love God with our actions, we can follow Jesus, God makes us ready at the right time, and God’s words help us make wise choices.


VBS 2023: Mega Sports Camp Good Vibes Only

Check out our VBS page for more information and registration.

Family Resources

Tip of the Month:

What if our world will never be less online than it is today? A very connected, online world is most likely the new normal. So how can we help kids to understand and value real, human connection in this online world?

Parent Tip Video


Scaffolding is an essential piece of any large construction project. Within an intentional structure that supports the work and the workers for a while, and then can be easily removed when it’s time for the building to stand on its own — the project could never be completed. CHECK OUT this amazing book for some ideas as to how parenting may have more in common with scaffolding than you think.

Anxiety & Kids

Family Activities

Some of our Favorite Story Books

God’s Dream and other children’s books authored by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

May God Bless You And Keep You, Maybe God is Like That Too, and other books and Bibles published by Spark House and Beaming Books

Children’s Books by Matthew Paul Turner

Who Counts? and other books by Amy Jill-Levine

The Action Bible & The Action Storybook Bible

My First Hands On Bible for Preschool

Music for Your Family

Reading the Bible with Your Kids

Each fall we gift Bibles to our third grade children. Reading the Bible with your child, develops faith bonding opportunities for the entire family. But where do you start? Read through some of these resources to help you get started building a firm foundation of scripture.

Resources for Families with Babies and Toddlers

Kids in Worship

Whether we are worshiping at home or at church, or anywhere along our way, it can be challenging with young kids to keep them engaged. To make children’s time in worship more meaningful check out these strategies. You may find them helpful too!