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Online Sunday School

Each weekend we will post Sunday School for kids and youth on Facebook. It will go live Sundays at 9:30. Familiar teachers and their families will share this week’s Bible story with you in a variety of fun ways. We hope you enjoy Sunday School at home with your family.

This Week in Sunday School


SERIES OVERVIEW: An important part of childhood is learning which grown-ups you can trust. The very first phone number most kids tend to learn is an emergency number because it’s important to know who to call when we need help! In this series, we’ll help kids see that they can always call on God for the things they need. As kids hear the story of Israel escaping slavery in Egypt (and what happened afterward), they’ll discover that God helps us when we’re helpless, helps us in our weakness, helps us when we’re in trouble, and will even help us help others. God is the help we need — always!


Fall Resources

This fall we are going to focus on spending time with others. That may not in person right now, but spending time in Christian community strengthens our faith. Right now the greatest Christian community kids can have is their families. So gather together and get talking. Grow in your faith together.

Some of our Favorite Story Books

God’s Dream and other children’s books authored by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

May God Bless You And Keep You, Maybe God is Like That Too, and other books published by Spark House and Beaming Books

Children’s Books by Matthew Paul Turner

Who Counts? and other books by Amy Jill-Levine

On Going Resources During Covid-19 Restrictions

Anxiety & Kids

Family Activities

Tip of the Month:

As your kids prepare to start a new school year, remember your words can speak life and have power in their lives. Make the most of the opportunities you have to encourage them, calm them, and speak peace and truth into their lives. 


As your kids go back to school (possibly), here’s a fun and simple way to encourage them during the day: write a simple, encouraging note, prayer, or Bible verse, on an index card, sticky note, or on one of these LunchBox Notes, and slip it in their lunchbox or backpack

Music for Your Family

Reading the Bible with Your Kids

Each fall we gift Bibles to our third grade children. Reading the Bible with your child, develops faith bonding opportunities for the entire family. But where do you start? Read through some of these resources to help you get started building a firm foundation of scripture.

Resources for Families with Babies and Toddlers

Kids in Worship

We may not be worshiping in the sanctuary these days but these tools can equip your kids for worshiping at home as well. By practicing worshiping at home, when we return to worship in person, they will feel ready. To make children’s time in worship more meaningful Check out these strategies.