SPARK Family

In Person Sunday School

Sunday School is in person each week at 9:00am. We are currently following Covid-19 best practices including mask wearing for children over 2 years and social distancing. At this time we do have capacity limits to ensure distancing and an appropriate child to teacher ratio. We will be spending much, if not all Sunday School outside! Sunday School check in is at the rear doors.

Online Sunday School

Each weekend we will post Sunday School for kids on Facebook. It will go live Sundays at 10:00. Familiar teachers and their families will share this week’s Bible story with you in a variety of fun ways. We hope you enjoy Sunday School at home with your family.

This Week in Sunday School

Legacy Grow Kids Ministry Curriculum


There is a legacy waiting, for every kid everywhere. The legacy has been handed down like a valuable family heirloom and this month you’ll get to tell kids about what that legacy is! The Holy Spirit is the legacy that Jesus gives to every person who believes. The Holy Spirit is for everyone and helps us so much. The Holy spirit helps us know God, love everyone, do God’s work, and makes us a part of God’s family.


Some of our Favorite Story Books

God’s Dream and other children’s books authored by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

May God Bless You And Keep You, Maybe God is Like That Too, and other books and Bibles published by Spark House and Beaming Books

Children’s Books by Matthew Paul Turner

Who Counts? and other books by Amy Jill-Levine

The Action Bible & The Action Storybook Bible

My First Hands On Bible for Preschool

Family Resources

Anxiety & Kids

Family Activities

Tip of the Month:

 As we have experienced this past year, worship doesn’t only take place at a church service . . . worship could take place at home. And you, as the “worship leader,” just need to be willing to do something that will help your family connect with God, honor God, and remember all that God has done. Apart from music, your family can engage in regular times of prayer, discussion, and reflection.


HERE is a just a small reminder of the kinds of values we want to instill in our kids. What are some ways you think you could actively champion some of these values in your kid’s life?

Music for Your Family

Reading the Bible with Your Kids

Each fall we gift Bibles to our third grade children. Reading the Bible with your child, develops faith bonding opportunities for the entire family. But where do you start? Read through some of these resources to help you get started building a firm foundation of scripture.

Resources for Families with Babies and Toddlers

Kids in Worship

Whether we are worshiping at home or at church, or anywhere along our way, it can be challenging with young kids to keep them engaged. To make children’s time in worship more meaningful check out these strategies. You may find them helpful too!